Liberate Your Inner Goddess

My soul-sister, who is also one of the best humans around, has curated the most WONDERFUL life-changing retreat for a select group of ladies! She has poured her heart and soul into all the content. Every attendee will walk away inspired, renewed…and with a fabulous tan since the retreat will be in Tulum!

If you have been ready to make that change, take that leap or seriously reinvent your life – she has just a couple of spaces left, so sign up right away!!! Do this for yourself, everyone in your life will be able to share in the transformation!

Always looking for liberation,


My Personal Growth Squad

They say it takes a village….and I am a huge believer in having a supportive village! I am the biggest proponent of self-care and to practice what I preach. So I want to share with you the providers I surround myself with. Without them, I would be a mess of self-medication and bad decisions. Here […]

Addie + Jordan :: Love in the Garden…with a Centaur!

I met Addie when I did her sister April’s wedding (lovingly known as the Willie Wonka wedding) and I remember her coming up to me and telling me when she got married I would plan her wedding. Years later the wedding dreams came true! Addie and Jordan are hands down one of the most stylish […]

Bonhomie :: Burnet Road Scores Again!

Bonhomie, Philip Speer’s new brainchild, has popped up on the ever-growing Burnet Road food scene and since it is my hood, I was thrilled. The cherry on top, my old roomie Angela is a server there – so I followed her social media madness ever so closely when she started her training. My girl doesn’t […]

Joy + Andrew :: Must. Have. Drama.

It is no secret that I LOVE the drama that great design creates. I am a sucker for a great “wow” and love seeing a look carried through from beginning to end. Joy came into my life via her cousin (and an amazing musician-front man Carols of Sauce) and we both still thank him! We […]

King Spa :: The Amazing Escape

I discovered King Spa years ago through my herbalist/massage therapist/all-around bad ass, Nicole! After her intriguing description of what a Korean Day Spa actually did and the fact that there wasn’t one in Austin, I HAD to make the trip. Within the first hour, I was hooked!!!! I have been talking everyone I can into […]

Katherine + Kevin :: An English Garden Blooms at The Historic Driskill

I remember my first meeting with Katherine and her mother, Jackie, one morning at the Hotel Saint Cecilia. They were so kind and lovely. Katherine was marrying Kevin at one of my favorite venues – The Driskill. Bonus – Jackie’s British accent made everything she said sound so wonderful. They walked out of our meeting […]

The Dancers

I started barre after I gave birth to Scarlett, just about two years ago. I had heard amazing things about a studio that was minutes away from our home – which is an essential in the “get your ass up and go workout” factor. I called and chatted with the non-annoying and actually helpful lady […]

Wine Porn

I love wine on a train, I love wine on a plane, I love wine here and there, I love wine everywhere! Soooooo, when my friend Erin told me that her Napa connection, the fabulous Becky from Vino Latino would be visiting her and introducing some wines from Latino-owned wineries I was so there! Becky […]

Sarah + Travis :: Color Me In Love

I LOVE this entire family SO much! Sarah, whose sweet smile and energy are contagious; Travis, the groom – who we all lovingly referred to as Groomzilla, GZ for short – to Sarah’s fun-loving parents, David and Shirley. Every invitee knew THIS would be a P.A.R.T.Y. And thanks to Sarah’s phenomenal taste (seriously, always dressed […]