What does Thanksgiving mean to me? Is it a controversial “holiday” based on pilgrimage or the passing of cholera? Nope. Is it a day of travel and stress and spending time with people I don’t care to? Nope.

I have reshaped the way I think of this day.

Several years ago we started hosting Thanksgiving with our dear friends. We plan the menu together, the bubbles start flowing really early and the cooking begins. We have opened the table to not just our family, but to those we are thankful for. It is now a day I look forward to every year. I don’t worry about having a picture perfect place setting to instagram – I pour my time and love into preparing deliciousness, keeping people’s glasses filled and taking the time to make sure each person knows that I appreciate them and am thankful for them.  I eat too much and laugh too much – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So if the holiday stresses you out, change it.

You can shape it into the day that you enjoy and every year build upon your vision….and be thankful that you are the one in control of your actions.

I am thankful (after three years) I finally launched this damn blog. I am thankful for all the shit that comes my way, as I now look at it as opportunities. I am thankful for you.

Savoring the experience,



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