Bonhomie :: Burnet Road Scores Again!

Bonhomie, Philip Speer’s new brainchild, has popped up on the ever-growing Burnet Road food scene and since it is my hood, I was thrilled. The cherry on top, my old roomie Angela is a server there – so I followed her social media madness ever so closely when she started her training. My girl doesn’t mince words, so when she said it was the best and Philip made her love shrimp and cooked salmon (two things she has historically hated) I made reservations for the opening week.

We met up for a girl’s lunch (after a hardcore Barre session next door at Dancers Shape) and I was immediately in love with the décor. No pretension, great color palette, and huge open kitchen…plus great art and light fixtures! Angela was our server (naturally) and she brought us some tasty cocktails to try and some wines she loved. The champagne cocktail and Hurluberlu were both hits – as was the Ginarita. Basically, I begged the bartender to make a margarita the way I like them at home and he obliged and I think it should me appearing on their menu soon. 😉

Next up – the food!!! Going in menu order, you MUST try the Crispy Octopus Lyonaisse and the French Onion Soup. The octopus is cooked perfectly (i.e. not rubbery) and we all fought (literally, we are all assholes about food) over the soup. Then on to the Pommes Rosti – the unique menu standouts. Think latkes meet hash browns – I know, how can you not love?!?!?! We had the classic (at Angela’s urging) with apple sauce, yogurt, and chive and then the roasted mushroom, caramelized onion, and spinach. Both outstanding and I would eat them on the daily. For dessert (which is usually just wine for this crew) we went for the Banana Split Profiteroles. The only child MIGHT have come out in me and I probably had well over my share of this dish. Whoops.

Bravo Bonhomie and welcome to the neighborhood! Thank you, Diana M. Lott for the delectable photos!

Stretchy pants are always a good idea,



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