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I discovered King Spa years ago through my herbalist/massage therapist/all-around bad ass, Nicole! After her intriguing description of what a Korean Day Spa actually did and the fact that there wasn’t one in Austin, I HAD to make the trip. Within the first hour, I was hooked!!!! I have been talking everyone I can into going there, and now I will convince YOU!

First off, the King Spa is open 24 hours a day!!! You buy a day pass (which is only $24 with their e-coupon on the website) and get to experience the lounges, meditation rooms, and the waterpark! Second, they have a bar, so after you get all your toxins removed you can put them right back in! Third, the treatments! From the v-steam to the acupressure massage to the must-have scrub – they are all amazing. And yes, I was getting v-steams way before Gwyneth made them quite the topic! Fourth, the food. There is a large cafeteria and the best Korean bbq and ice cream treats that I have ever had. So, so, so good. And lastly, no phones or photos allowed. You are totally unplugged and there are no annoying selfie-takers to be seen! There is a small designated area if you have to make a call, ya know to check on your kid and stuff. So, unfortunately, I couldn’t sneak any photos – luckily others have.

For regular spa partisans, here are the things that are not going to be like your normal experience:

*You check in, get assigned a numbered wristband that is not only your locker key, it is how you pay and sign up for everything.

*You are issued an outfit. It is NOT flattering. Huge shorts and a t-shirt, men in one color and women in another. Leave your vanity in your locker and get over it.

*The women’s side (and I am assuming men’s) is all nude. You get tiny little towels to carry with you. And you shower off (open showers) and then experience all the saunas and spas in your birthday suit.

*The scrub treatments are done on a plastic covered padded table and the ladies are constantly dumping buckets of warm water on you. The tables are all in a row and the therapists are wearing just bras and panties…and they wash your hair! It’s heavenly.

All in all, it is the best experience and every person I have gone with says the same thing – man, woman, and child! Bonus, this is a GREAT hangover cure!!!!

Already planning my next trip,

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  1. Wendee
    11 April 2017 at 6:03 pm

    I’m down for a day trip!

    • Whitt
      24 April 2017 at 1:59 pm

      Any. Time.

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