It’s a ME Party

24 hours….do you know what 24 hours of ME time can do for your psyche and spirit?!?!? A LOT! I recently took 24 hours off of “life” and checked in to South Congress Hotel. I needed a creative space and some uninterrupted time to get the blog PERFECT and launched! I needed to write, be inspired, and just THINK!!! I asked Michael if he would mind (he is my BIGGEST supporter, BTW) if I took Sunday afternoon-Monday afternoon off of parenting and he said DO IT.

I can’t tell you what those 24 hours meant to me. I didn’t know how bad I needed it until I woke up the next morning. Making yourself a priority is one of the hardest things to take action on. The benefits were unreal, and when I came home we agreed that we should each “check out” more regularly. I HIGHLY encourage you to plan some glorious “me time” as soon as you can. There is something you have been putting off doing for yourself – I KNOW IT. Find that one thing that will make an impact and use your alone time to get it accomplished. And it is totally acceptable if you spend those 24 hours in bed binge watching a show or just catching up on sleep!

And if you can’t make it out of your house, lock yourself in your room and have everyone pretend you aren’t there. You will need noise cancelling headphones, and possibly a pizza delivery to your window. I beg you, make some time for you, because you are important!

Rested and Guilt-Free,


Turning 40 in Turks and Caicos

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How I Start My Day

I am a true believer on the more mindfulness you put into starting your day, the more you will get out of the day. But when you “start” your day can be relative. And when I accepted that I could “start” my day at any time of the day a big fat bright light bulb […]

Paige + John:: The WHITE Wedding

When I met Paige, she was in high school! She was a member of the house party of one of my fave weddings ever – Matt and Andrea – almost a decade ago! I have since produced tons of weddings for this Houston bunch and they are always SO. MUCH. FUN. Paige was no different, […]


I recently was asked to speak on a panel about work-life balance. I thought it was a huge joke until I got the discussion questions and address of the event. I was super flattered to think anyone thought I had any resemblance of balance in my life, and then I was terrified that I had […]

::CONTEST:: For your Valentine!

We have teamed up with our friends at Groovy Groomsmen Gifts for a giveaway for your Valentine!  Rules: Please comment below on the WORST Valentine experience you have ever had. For example, on a memorable Valentine’s Day in college – I surprised my Valentine with a basket full of homemade treats and found him in bed […]

Kelly and Walt :: Classic with a Twist

Planning and designing a wedding for one of the hottest handbag designers in Texas was a bit intimidating…and then I met her mama, the QUEEN OF DETAILS and it got real. Kelly and Pam are a dynamic duo and they KNOW how to host a fabulous party. We all had the best time making Kelly’s […]

The 16 Courses of Christmas :: Home Sweet Charleston :: Finale

McCrady’s. This was my “16 days of food” on instagram – and it was ALL one meal. The BEST meal and one of the top 3 dining experiences of my life. This is Sean Brock’s new “baby” and while I loved McCrady’s (now McCrady’s Tavern) last time – this new place is indescribable. But, I will […]

Home Sweet Charleston :: Part Two

Still eating… SNOB (Slightly North of Broad). This came highly recommended by my Uncle Gary – and he knows the foods! I was SUPER hungover and could only order my cure-all, a cheeseburger. It was really great and I didn’t feel like death after. That’s all I got – I mean you know the hangovers […]

Home Sweet Charleston :: Part One

This past Christmas, we decided to forgo the required gathering in Corpus Christi and present exchange for a family trip to Charleston. I love food, I love traveling, hence I will travel for food and Charleston is tops when it comes to food. Think of a grown-up New Orleans. You would have to try REALLY […]