Wine Porn

I love wine on a train, I love wine on a plane, I love wine here and there, I love wine everywhere! Soooooo, when my friend Erin told me that her Napa connection, the fabulous Becky from Vino Latino would be visiting her and introducing some wines from Latino-owned wineries I was so there!

Becky is super knowledgeable and hosts wine tours all over Napa. She is laid back, funny and knows EVERYONE! I can’t wait to take a tour with her on our next trip. I fell pretty hard for some of the wines we tasted. Here is the scoop on my favorites of the evening:

Robledo, 2008 Barbera
I had met one of the Robledo brothers on a trip several years ago and really liked their wines – but I had not had this one. It is my jam. Fruit forward, velvety and sexy. Plus it is at a killer price point. Everyone bought this wine – huge crowd pleaser.

Fausta, 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon from Fathia Family Vineyards.
The story isn’t published online, but a little company named Faust used their corporate muscles and made them change their original name (which is the wine maker’s ACTUAL NAME) Fausta – so Fathia is the “new name” and it means victorious!!! Female winemaker who was told she couldn’t grow wine, then told she would never be able to make cab work – DID IT! I fell in love with her story, thank SBJ (sweet Baby Jesus) that the wine was delicious!

Dos Lagos Vineyards, 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
I am not a huge cab fan, I love a great Merlot, Zin or creative blend that contains my favorite grape – Petite Verdot….but this was delicioso! I call it cherry cola greatness. Dark fruits, jammy and a touch inky. I want it every night as dinner (not with dinner.)

Great, it is now 10am and I am ready to decant a bottle.

So thirsty,

Photos: Diana M. Lott

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