Welcome to WHITT – my baby! Except the birth of this experience was way harder than actually giving birth to my little lady. For starters, where is my mother f’in epidural?

No, seriously. I am 2 glasses into a bottle of wine as I type and it doesn’t even compare to the sweet feeling (of lack thereof) of an epidural!

So here I am interwebs! 

The real me, in the honest state I live in. I welcome you to join me in sharing my random gems with whoever wants to be a part of my reality.

These are my solemn vows to you:

  1. There will be no smoke and mirrors. I have read too many blogs that made me feel inadequate in every area of my life…even though my therapist says that I am in control of my feelings and no one can “make” me feel a certain way. I am unapologetically imperfect.
  2. Something (at least one thing) I write will resonate on some level with you and hopefully you will feel supported, or have a laugh, maybe a cry.
  3. I will not judge you – you can comment, share, and tweet your heart away and I will let you do your thing. I do however ask you to respect your fellow commenter.
  4. This won’t be wordy.  I hate wordy shit.  Bring on the photos!
  5. I still will plan your wedding. It’s been well over 10 years and it still makes me happy every single day! For. Real.

Terrified yet excited,

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  1. Rachel Church
    17 January 2017 at 11:02 pm

    I’m digging this! I’m so excited for this damn blog…I’ve been waiting for these words and I love them! Can’t wait for the journey! And special thanks in advance for not focusing on the perfect life to include but not limited to meals, tables, homes and perfect bodies. I can’t relate. I like this…I’m going to be able to relate!

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