Liberate Your Inner Goddess

My soul-sister, who is also one of the best humans around, has curated the most WONDERFUL life-changing retreat for a select group of ladies! She has poured her heart and soul into all the content. Every attendee will walk away inspired, renewed…and with a fabulous tan since the retreat will be in Tulum!

If you have been ready to make that change, take that leap or seriously reinvent your life – she has just a couple of spaces left, so sign up right away!!! Do this for yourself, everyone in your life will be able to share in the transformation!

Always looking for liberation,


My Personal Growth Squad

They say it takes a village….and I am a huge believer in having a supportive village! I am the biggest proponent of self-care and to practice what I preach. So I want to share with you the providers I surround myself with. Without them, I would be a mess of self-medication and bad decisions. Here […]

It’s a ME Party

24 hours….do you know what 24 hours of ME time can do for your psyche and spirit?!?!? A LOT! I recently took 24 hours off of “life” and checked in to South Congress Hotel. I needed a creative space and some uninterrupted time to get the blog PERFECT and launched! I needed to write, be […]

How I Start My Day

I am a true believer on the more mindfulness you put into starting your day, the more you will get out of the day. But when you “start” your day can be relative. And when I accepted that I could “start” my day at any time of the day a big fat bright light bulb […]


I recently was asked to speak on a panel about work-life balance. I thought it was a huge joke until I got the discussion questions and address of the event. I was super flattered to think anyone thought I had any resemblance of balance in my life, and then I was terrified that I had […]


Welcome to WHITT – my baby! Except the birth of this experience was way harder than actually giving birth to my little lady. For starters, where is my mother f’in epidural? No, seriously. I am 2 glasses into a bottle of wine as I type and it doesn’t even compare to the sweet feeling (of […]