Gina Whittington

My love for entertaining started at a young age. I mean, what little girl would rather shop for linens and napkin rings over shoes? Moving to Austin and working in the high-end design industry solidified my love for all things
tactile, gorgeous, and fabulous! It’s simple: I’ve always wanted to make the world pretty.

In 2004, I was fortunate enough to meet the owner of a well-established and respected event planning company at a happy hour. I told her I wanted to be her and she let me!

For all of those people who tell you to email your mentor and ask for a coffee…do it! I am living proof of where you can end up.

I have planned events for 10+ years now and am ridiculously lucky to do so. I LOVE being the calming and guiding voice throughout the planning process and helping relieve my clients of their stress. I drink a lot the day after – it helps. Being around families on their happiest occasion they have celebrated is magical!

After being a part of hundreds of events over the years, I had to have learned something…right?

I decided to start a new venture – WHITT.

WHITT is all about savoring the experience of life – from the smallest of details to the largest of events! My passions are vast, yet all linked to entertaining: wine, travel, design, shopping, and food! I feel equally as comfortable at a Michelin-Starred restaurant or the “diviest” of bars, and seek both out wherever my travels take me. I am a huge lover of all animals. Pups, otters, seals, narwhals, and unicorns all make my heart happy! Ideally, I would make wine, cook for those I love, and have an animal rescue – all on one piece of land.

I am surrounded by the best squad a girl could dream of! I am so appreciative of all my friends and family that have made me into the insanely passionate person I am today. You know who you are, and you know that my loyal devotion is not something I take lightly….the Scorpio in me is REAL! I am the friend you call when you need to plan a party, stalk someone, share a bottle or three of wine, need business advice, or need recommendations on food or travel! I love being able to help and connect people. Savoring the experience is an encompassing adventure of how I truly feel life should be. Stop and breathe, be present in your life, and be a good human being to EVERY one…and every animal!

I don’t believe in “callings” until I really sit down and think about it. Yep, this is my calling. The world can be a reallll shit show, so sit back and read a bit and escape! I want to share my randomly real and relatable experiences in hope they will help you savor our own experiences! From my current obsessions to die-hard must haves, road trips to traveling abroad – there will always be lots of love, food and celebrations to savor!

Welcome. Come join me and my friends. WHITT will encompass all of my encounters and adventures event by event, meal by meal, trip by trip – and, most importantly, experience by experience. Life is short, so experience it all!