My Personal Growth Squad

They say it takes a village….and I am a huge believer in having a supportive village! I am the biggest proponent of self-care and to practice what I preach. So I want to share with you the providers I surround myself with. Without them, I would be a mess of self-medication and bad decisions. Here they are…in alphabetical order since they all equally keep me functioning.

Acupuncturist, Jennifer Crumpton. I am afraid of needles (besides the most needed of all needles – the epidural) and I can tell you that acupuncture does not hurt AT ALL. The healing that comes after just one session is mind-blowing. And Jennifer is the best. With a quick chat, look under your tongue and checking of your pulse she magically decides what treatment to do. I mean, I know it’s not magic – but it might as well be because it WORKS! She can fix everything from allergies to frozen shoulder. Bonus, she does cupping, light work, and crystal work.

Chiropractor, Patrick Clark. Patrick is not a wham bam, crick crack, see ya later type of doc – he is thorough, cautious, and his main goal is to improve your lifelong health. Through gentle movements, stretching and adjustments, he keeps me pain-free and balanced. I originally went to him after a car wreck about 10 years ago, and have been going ever since. He is the reason I miraculously made it through my pregnancy with no sciatica or back pain! Plus he is the one who notices all my barre work, not Stix. Ha!

Couples Therapist, Jennifer Bilbrey. We have been working with Jennifer a couple of months (after our other amazing therapist moved out of state) and we are both hooked. Couples therapy is an integral part of keeping your communication open and staying on the same page. I see tons of couples in my job and think every single one should go. It’s not somewhere you go to “get fixed” it is somewhere you go so you never are in that place. Jennifer is the queen of listening and empathy and I credit her with saving Stix’s life on at least one occasion. She also calls me on my shit in a productive way, which very few people do, and I respect her immensely for that!

Hypnotherapist, Pam Krewson. Oh Pam, how do I love thee. Let me count the ways: I went in with zero expectations (besides the fact I knew it could provide a great mid-day power nap) and I was blown away. Pam got to my “core issue” with a series of questions in about 5 minutes. Light. Bulb. Once you know your core issue, it is like the veil has been lifted and you see why you make certain choices to either prove that issue correct or go against it. And once it is identified YOU have the control over it. Hypnotherapy blurs the line between your sub-conscience and conscience and allows for new pathways to put down in your stubborn brain. Pam has changed my life. Pam will change your life.

Massage Therapist, Rose Harris. Massage therapy is not a luxury; it is a necessity in the event industry. Wedding days (the average is about 14 hours long) wreak havoc on the body. Plus, I internalize all the stress that goes along with weddings so (hopefully) my clients can live in a state of bliss. Bottom line – I hurt. I was dying to find a new therapist that could come ANYWHERE close to my beloved Nicole who abandoned me for the herb life in Bastrop. Enter Rose. This soft-spoken pixie love has the strongest hands and she is an expert at deep tissue and bodywork. She is a healer and brought relief to my meat slab – that is industry talk for when your scapula goes numb.

My life goal is to see all of these magicians on a weekly basis; my Oprah goal would be an every-other-day basis!

Not sorry for taking care of ME,

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