Sarah + Travis :: Color Me In Love

I LOVE this entire family SO much! Sarah, whose sweet smile and energy are contagious; Travis, the groom – who we all lovingly referred to as Groomzilla, GZ for short – to Sarah’s fun-loving parents, David and Shirley. Every invitee knew THIS would be a P.A.R.T.Y. And thanks to Sarah’s phenomenal taste (seriously, always dressed to perfection with the BEST accessories) you know it would also be total eye candy.

Wild Onion Ranch set the scene for the magical day, and served as an ideal backdrop for the evening. The meticulous landscaping and each built-in detail made everyone feel right at home. My favorite things were the sign-in painting that GZ painted and everyone signed (talk about a priceless piece of art!!!) and all the “happy” floral from Wendee Sawran.

Sarah and Travis dined and danced under the stars, and then went off on their married way with a sparkling send off. And the fabulous husband and wife team, The Nichols, captured it all!

We need a play date ASAP guys – for David and Stix, and for our little ladies.


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Photos: Nichols Photographers

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