The 16 Courses of Christmas :: Home Sweet Charleston :: Finale

McCrady’s. This was my “16 days of food” on instagram – and it was ALL one meal. The BEST meal and one of the top 3 dining experiences of my life. This is Sean Brock’s new “baby” and while I loved McCrady’s (now McCrady’s Tavern) last time – this new place is indescribable. But, I will try. 22 seats, you get tickets for your seating a month in advance, and you really have no clue what the 16 courses/bites will be, but you know you will love it ALL. AND it will be paired FLAWLESSLY with perfect wines and beers! I need the turnip tea every day of my life, and the beef with sweet potato and black truffle was pure ecstasy. I mean the only thing that would have made this meal better was if 20 of our nearest and dearest were there to share it with us. Garth, the somm/front of house bad ass was the perfect knowledgeable and personable cherry on top. There is nothing else out there that comes close to this dining experience. Michelin stars coming soon!

Check out the course descriptions on my insta page. Let me know which one makes your mouth water and your eyes go AHOOGA!

So in love with McCrady’s,

bite 1 @mccradys
bites 2-4 @mccradys
bite 5 @mccradys
bite 6 @mccradys
bite 7 @mccradys
bite 8 @mccradys
bite 9 @mccradys
bite 10 @mccradys
bite 11 @mccradys
bite 12 @mccradys
Mccradys Tavern
What was bite 13 @mccradys
bite 14 @mccradys
bite 15 @mccradys
bite 16 @mccradys
And one to grow on @mccradys

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