Turning 40 in Turks and Caicos

I had always looked forward to 40 – I deemed it the decade that I would get to enjoy all the hard work of my 30’s. I decided one of my celebrations (I need several) would be a girls getaway with my ladies!

So off to Turks and Caicos we went! We rented a killer condo that was right on the beach and did some exploring of all the islands. Stacy (of SMS Photography fame) was tasked in planning the details because she loves to be in charge AND had been there before.

I highly recommend renting a car and exploring north and middle Caicos (we were in Grace Bay) and eating at Coco Bistro, Mr. Groupers and Mango Reef! We were a bit obsessed with conch and had to have it at every meal. We also took an Island Vibes boat tour – which would have been WAY more enjoyable if I didn’t have the worst hangover in the history of the world. On that note, Danny Buoys (Irish??? Pub) was the only bar we frequented. I recommend it for all the drinks and dancing, but not for the pizza.

Thank you ladies for helping me kick off my 40th trip around the sun! I love you all the mostest!!!!


Photos: Diana M. Lott

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